Tying up the loose ends...

Making everything "nice and tidy", may sound small and insignificant but it is an essential part of an electrical installation. Some companies are proud of the speed and efficiency at which they can install and move on to the next. This gives a specific advantage in offering lower prices in the bidding process. Everyone loves low prices!  But in the electrical world, speed can cause even the simplest mistake, and the low bidder may not always be the best choice. Attention to each detail is important. It is the difference of an electrical system that is built to last, and one that is just a fire waiting to happen. 

We were recently called out on a routine service call about "power in half of a room not working." This type of call could be any number of things: circuit breaker overloading, a tripped GFCI receptacle somewhere unknown, an ARC Fault circuit breaker not responding well to something that is plugged in. Those would be the good options. But unfortunately more often than not, it is due to poor workmanship on an installation that has caused an otherwise perfectly safe electrical system to fail. 

What we found was this:

Here we have a standard receptacle that is half melted and become a major fire hazard. The original installation was bad to start off with because of the "Back-Stabbing" option that was used. (Blog post on back stabbing to come soon). But then this last wire (the most charred one) was added to it during a renovation. The problem came when the handyman hired to do the job forgot to tighten just one screw. You can see the wire is wrapping around the screw and made the system function for over a year. Yet since the screw was never secured down on the wire the connection was shaky. And if you want to know how electricity flows on "shaky wiring," there it is. 

Attention to detail is so important in the electrical field. Our homes and families count on it! 

Loose wiring will be an issue in any part of an electrical system from the plugs, to the lights, to the electrical panel itself. 

This is why we are so overstated about quality here at JBE. We know that the smallest mistake can literally bring the house down.  Our crews are trained on the importance of details just like this, throughout the system, residential and commercial. What does it all come down to in the end? Our competitors prices may be a bit lower (or may not!) or their pace a bit faster, but ours comes with a quality guarantee that is hard to beat. We take the time to do it right, not just for our customers, but for our own dignity as well.

And in this industry, those who cut corners are not only hurting themselves, but very possibly the lives of others. And that is something we take very seriously here.

What you get with JBE is peace of mind. And that may be very well worth the $100 bucks you might have saved going with the other guy. 

Our Difference

Your confidence in a job you can rely on.

JBE works to bring you peace of mind.
Every project, every process, every time.


Communicating with our customers in a transparent way. Knowing everyone appreciates the truth, up front, in every transaction. In proposals, workmanship, time management and billing. It is our goal for you to have confidence in every transaction.


You can trust in any work done by JBE. Our electricians are qualified and supervised by Master Electricians. All of our work is insured and done with 100% customer satisfaction.


All our electrical installations come with a lifetime warranty*. We build systems that will last, and that are fully up to code.