About Us

Founded and operated by a lifetime local, JBE is committed to the north Atlanta area and on a mission to improve the quality of the electrical industry. This company is owned and operated by a Licensed Master Electrician.
It is hard to know, in any field of work, weather or not you will receive good, quality service and reliable contracting. This is why JBE is proud to display it's customer reviews. Having our customers tell you what they think, one person to another. 

At J. Becker Electric our goal is to be a company that is trustworthy and honest. As we talk with many people about any job in the construction industry, the biggest concern is honesty. I find that people are very concerned with questions like:

- Will someone actually do the work they say they are going to do?

- Will they show up when they say they will?

- Are they giving me a fair price?

- Is their work guaranteed?

- Are they actually licensed and insured?

At JBE our main objectives are to answer yes to each of these questions and to openly engage the modus operandi “In all we do, honor.” Weather you have residential service needs or are a commercial builder, JBE is licensed, insured and prepared for any task.

Looking forward to meeting you in 2017! 

Our Difference

Your confidence in a job you can rely on.

JBE works to bring you peace of mind.
Every project, every process, every time.


Communicating with our customers in a transparent way. Knowing everyone appreciates the truth, up front, in every transaction. In proposals, workmanship, time management and billing. It is our goal for you to have confidence in every transaction.


You can trust in any work done by JBE. Our electricians are qualified and supervised by Master Electricians. All of our work is insured and done with 100% customer satisfaction.


All our electrical installations come with a lifetime warranty*. We build systems that will last, and that are fully up to code.