Tying up the loose ends...

Making everything "nice and tidy", may sound small and insignificant but it is an essential part of an electrical installation. Some companies are proud of the speed and efficiency at which they can install and move on to the next. This gives a specific advantage in offering lower prices in the bidding process. Everyone loves low prices!  But in the electrical world, speed can cause even the simplest mistake, and the low bidder may not always be the best choice. Attention to each detail is important.

Our Difference

Your confidence in a job you can rely on.

JBE works to bring you peace of mind.
Every project, every process, every time.


Communicating with our customers in a transparent way. Knowing everyone appreciates the truth, up front, in every transaction. In proposals, workmanship, time management and billing. It is our goal for you to have confidence in every transaction.


You can trust in any work done by JBE. Our electricians are qualified and supervised by Master Electricians. All of our work is insured and done with 100% customer satisfaction.


All our electrical installations come with a lifetime warranty*. We build systems that will last, and that are fully up to code.